Sorcery of Origami

Origami Ninjas and other paper sorcery

Origami Ninjas, including ninja weapons, and other models of imaginative faces and figures. Includes the Origami Sci-weapon used in the RED 2 feature film. Black and white interior edition (full colour version also available). 

Complete list of models:- 

Bird base dragon, Face of the ninja, Face of the deamon , Master deamon face, Deamon jester, If pigs might flap, Father Christmas, Art deco angel alpha, Art deco angel beta, Ice skating angel, Syringe, RED 2 Sci weapon, Coffee shop stirrer stand, Knight, Dark wizard, Dark Wizard (simpified version), Martial arts figure, Cool werewolf, Ninja jumping frog, Ninja, Katana (Ninja sword), Nunchakus, Shuriken (Ninja throwing star), Elite Ninja, Sky Ninja, Stand for ninjas.

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