Sorcery of Origami

Dynamic Superhero Origami

Images of Superheros folded from Dynamic Superhero Origami Book

The Modular format allows an array of character costumes and accessories

The aim of the book was to cature superheros anatomy correctly with reasonably simple folding techniques.

Dynamic Superhero Origami includs a complete system to create your own ORIGAMI SUPERHEROES.

Dynamic Origami Superhero Origami starts you off on your heros journey with some simple models before launching into masks, figures and a hero which actually flies (you will believe an Origami Superhero can fly!)

The main part of the book is devoted to a modular origami system to create a range of characters, as featured of your own costume choice.

The models are of an intermediate complexity.

The book includes nine different superheroes and villains to fold from the modular system crertaed specially for the book, that do not belong to any other superhero universe, plus the possibility of expending the characters.

Complete list of models:- 

Simple to Medium level origami.

The Dark Avenger

Ms. Manga

The Masked Stranger

Elseland Superhero Mask

COVID The Cool Conspiracy Cat

Superhero Bookmark

The Night Guardian

The Cloud Surfer (flying model)

Modular Superheroes system

Emerald Staff

Staff of Calling

Cloak of Empowerment

Shield of Protection

Jet Pack

Creating your own Origami Superheroes

Variations for models

Sample Superhero Characters; Elementa, The Jitsu, Astral, Lightvaulter, Scaler, Destiny, Hive-legion, Mol-ekular, COVID The Cool Conspiracy Cat

Articles: Texturing models, Displaying models